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When Planning to Visit Myanmar to Enjoy a Holiday

There are so many travelers in different parts of the world that consider Myanmar to be one of the very mysterious destinations. But, such is one of Asia’s very memorable places because of the unique geographical location as well as the characteristics. Also, the notable historical sites are among the reasons why people love to visit Myanmar for a holiday.

Myanmar is situated in the South Eastern part of Asia and is on the shores of the Bengal Bay. What you will find on the Northern borders of Myanmar are India and Bangladesh. Thailand, China as well as Indian Ocean are close to this country too. In the previous years, there were a lot of travelers who have their vacations in Myanmar.

Actually, tourism is one of the really important sources of the country’s national income. This is due to the many touristic attractions which include the gardens, the temples and also the museums which welcome a lot of travelers who choose to spend their vacations in Myanmar.

The capital is Yangon and such is also a popular destination among tourists and there are a lot of travelers who are getting attracted to this and want to spend their holidays in Myanmar. This is for the fact that you will be able to find so many kinds and types of statues of Buddha in this place. The capital is actually popular for the city of gardens. This is because of the many gardens and natural parks as well as tropical trees that you will be able to find in various places of the city. There are a lot of temples, museums and temples that you will get to find in Yangon. A lot of the attractions here would be included in the travel package to Myanmar.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is one remarkable tourist highlight of Yangon city. The great architectural masterpiece that is featured with a beautiful dome that was built in Stupa style of building. Such dome was coated with eight hundred slots of jewelry, gold and diamond. The pagoda was established more than 2500 years and this is one really important foundation of the Buddhism religion in the country. The dome of the Pagoda represents knowledge because of the Buddhism verses which were written on this.

Such has a height of 1600 meters and comes with many beautiful ornaments. The tourists truly admire the dome and love to see it in their tour to Myanmar.

Make sure that you plan your trip in advance when you want to have a holiday in Myanmar. There is also a travel agency that you can go for that will plan things out for you to ensure that you don’t miss the great attractions in Myanmar.

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