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Making a First Impression in 3 Simple Tips

Embracing common sense that are uncommon will go a long way to ensuring that your first impression is quite positive, and this will mean business for you.A good number of entrepreneurs do not show any regard for professionalism and poise. You can always make that great and lasting first impression regardless of the circumstances by actually showing some few courtesies as you will find out below.

Make yourself ready way before time

Anxiety and lack of authority come as a result of failure to prepare yourself adequately.Do your homework properly if you really want to have a great advantage over your competition. It is advisable to learn all that you can about your prospective client before that important meeting that you will soon have with him. Some of the things that you want to ensure that you do is familiarize yourself with what is happening in your to-be workplace and get updated with the current event in the industry. You can do this by logging on the company’s website to get more information of the business’s history, staff as well as recent new releases. Proper preparedness will make you look quite interesting as well as knowledgeable before your potential client, giving him a good first impression.

Get to know the kinds of people who will attend the meeting

It is advisable that you talk with the person in charge of organizing the meeting for you know who the attendants of the meeting are. Make sure you have memorized the names of the attendants so that you will be able to address them appropriately as the meeting progresses. As that is not enough, you can learn more about each person in attendance by logging onto LinkedIn.Now it is time to start a small talk about business based on various commonalities that you learned from the LinkedIn.

Arrive at the meeting venue a few minutes earlier

When you arrive at the meeting venue on time, other attendants see how respectful you are for their time besides being a responsible person. Arriving earlier in the meeting gives you that opportunity to organize yourself; for instance, you may rush to the restroom and check your outlook and compose yourself before you walk into the meeting In your tight schedule, make sure that you have time for finding a parking lot, and that you have accounted for traffic delays and bad weather.

If you have been looking for way to looking great and impressive in your first meeting with your potential client, then you are now covered.Always remember that you can never have a second opportunity to make a first impression.


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